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Safely protect sensitive electronics

LumProtect® – well protected for difficult operating conditions

Whether solar radiation, wind or water - the modules withstand any weather and can therefore be used outdoors for flexible lighting solutions, for example. Furthermore, the lamination reliably protects flexible modules against various chemicals in the air, such as exhaust gases, or in direct contact with the surface with paint, cleaning agents or dust. Mechanical stress, such as direct intervention in the electronics by the user, can also be largely avoided. Despite the lamination, the flexibility of the assembly is retained, allowing for multi-dimensional installations.

protection against humidity (IP67)

protection against gases, dust and other particles

protection against different chemicals.

protection against physical stress and against weather conditions

Protection class IP 67

The Lamination Process

During the lamination process several layers of plastic due to heat (temperatures < 230°C) and high pressure on the front and back of the flexible Printed circuit board material applied. The components assembled on the flexible circuit board are encapsulated in this process, where air residues in the composite material are largely displaced. Since only very thin layers are used, the flexibility of the module is retained and at the same time the mechanical resistance increases significantly. The high transparency and low color shifts of the materials used make the innovative technology a perfect addition to assemblies with LEDs or optical sensors.

Innovation from the LED specialist

Innovation from the LED specialist

Behind the online shop is the company LUMITRONIX®. We are a leading specialist for LEDs and LED products and have extensive application knowledge from numerous industries. In addition to distributing LED products from leading manufacturers, we develop and manufacture the most modern electronics in-house. Quality made in Germany. We also developed our innovative production process LumProtect® ourselves.

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